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Naviar Soundbook was a music project where musicians had to compose new music inspired by a weekly assigned short story: it lasted for over six months and received dozens of submissions.

Soundbook showcases great artists from around the world, working in the genres of field recordings, ambient, drone, minimal and electronic.

SHORT STORIES (click on single tracks to read the story that inspired the composition)

“Moon musics” by Airbiscuits_seen

“The Music of Erich Zann” by H.P. Lovecraft

“The Stonecutter”, a Japanese folktale

“Dreams” By Yu Hsiung

“A Ghost Story” by Joel Chandler Harris

“The Black School”, an Icelandic folktale

“The Myth of Aeolus”

“Radio Silence” by bencbartlett

“An Imperial Message” by Franz Kafka



Ahornberg started making electronic music on a C64 in the late 1980s. Even the main focus of her work lies in microtonal research and composing of ambient music she would not like to be placed in some musical pigeonhole. "Everything is sound and every sound is music.

{ AN } Eel

{ AN } Eel is a Cyborg made from Dirt, Old Soft-Core gag magazines, Rubber Monsters, Audio Anarchy & words that cascade forth, From the hills - A Spring as old as time. Formerly of Texas, Currently of Canada - { AN } EeL has collaborated with a number of renown musicians & Experimental artists & / or poets - KK Null, Chris Knox ( TALL DWARVES ), Jaap Blonk, Phil Minton, Goddess Kring, Dame Darcy & Many others. { AN } Eel's tracks are available on Soundcloud:


Living in regional Australia led Jason Richardson to sample landscapes instead of records. The FOR 100 YEARS album of 2012 remixed recordings of Leeton made using contact microphones to bring beats from playground equipment. The Murrumbidgee River was the focus of the 2013 REIMAGINING album that accompanied an exhibition shown in Leeton and, in 2014, Wagga Wagga. The WHILE and AND albums of 2013 and '14 collect recent work and show variety in technique and musicianship.

Carlos R

Carlos Russell (Carlos R) is a drummer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. With over 30 years of acoustic drumming experience, he has recently embraced electronic ambient experimental music, with a focus on dark, sometimes hypnotic rhythmic patterns. Carlos contributes to various on-line music projects, such as Disquiet Junto and Naviarlab. Carlos is a strong advocate of Creative Commons music licenses, hence all of his tracks are freely available on Soundcloud: and Bandcamp:

Digital Compost/Owlbert

Paul creates audiovisual artwork from experimental music and short film/animations to live performances, projections and installations. He has made over 30 short animated and experimental films that have been screened locally and internationally. His AudioVisual Midi Vacuum Cleaner was first premiered at the Commonwealth Games Cultural Festival 2006. Since 2008, Paul has staged “Hidden Creatures” an ‘audiovisual ecosystem’ which is an annual large outdoor sculpture, audio and animated video installation usually taking place in a large outdoor fernery in Rosalind Park, Bendigo Australia.

Ian Haygreen

Was born (still alive apparently). Started studying classical piano in the 70s and in the 2000s started messing around with electronic music, but only started releasing it in 2014.


Tuonela is an Australian sound artist and primitive musician who creates soundscapes using very basic software, found sound and field recordings, influenced by a lifetime of listening to just about everything and a burdensome collection of vinyl. The results usually reveal his lack of formal training


released November 16, 2015

cover: "I am Persephone" ~anno duobus, by Berli Mike




Naviar Records London, UK

Naviar is a community and label that explores the intersection between music and traditional Japanese poetry.

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