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Naviar Records is an online community and label; its aim is to study the intersections between art forms and offer a space where musicans can create and collaborate freely.

I started this project because I believe that artists that are part of a community generally make stronger works, and that the interaction between different disciplines can be an invaluable source of inpiration: Naviar is an online space where artists can interact and create together without boundaries.
There are currently over 700 songs featured on the Naviar's Soundcloud group, and more than 100 musicians have participated in Naviar's challenges so far.
Regularly Naviar releases compilations with tracks from its weekly challenges. Since its inception, the Naviar Haiku series has received some raving reviews and featured music compositions from dozens of different artists. In 2014 we organized State of Origin, our first sound exhibition at Unit 24 Gallery in London UK.

With its challeges, Naviar aims to:

- Encourage creativity and synergy between artists from all over the world

- Stimulate interaction between different disciplines

- Be a digital space where art can be reinterpreted freely

- Highlight the value of reinterpreting and give new life to pre-existing works of art

- Build a genuine and open-minded music community

- Promote new and emerging artists who might not find support elsewhere

- Be a source of inspiration

For just £12 per year, members can gain access to Naviar's entire back catalogue and all future digital releases, and a 20% discount on all physical goods in store. With this money I will be able to keep promoting Naviar's community to the best of my ability, publish albums and podcasts more regularly, start new projects, organize exhibitions and find new opportunities for its participants which otherwise I wouldn't be able to develop.

Thank you so much for your interest and support, be it monetary or else: I hope you appreciate the work that Naviar Records has done so far. Marco

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Naviar Records
London, UK
Naviar is a community and label that explores the intersection between music and traditional Japanese poetry.

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