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I've always believed that artists who are part of a community make stronger works, and that the interaction between different disciplines can be an invaluable source of inspiration. Since its inception, Naviar has been a point of intersection between poetry and music, and home for some of the most creative and courageous musicians woldwide: without them this project would not exist, so please make sure you visit our contributors’ page and support some of these talented artists:

Over the last 4 years we’ve collaborated with many international creative communities, organized exhibitions and events, encouraged people to express themselves and collaborate, brought artists closer to a new audience with our free compilations, solo albums and weekly radio shows.

Everything Naviar has done so far aims to:

– Encourage creativity and artistic synergy by bridging the gap between different disciplines

– Develop a genuine, open-minded, worldwide community of people looking for a digital space where to express themselves freely, stay motivated, and practice regularly

– Help artists, audience and projects connect with each other.

If you think Naviar has benefited you in some way, or believe this is a project worth supporting, consider becoming a subscriber: by doing so, you’ll gain access to Naviar’s entire catalogue and all future digital or physical releases. 50% of your subscription will go directly to the artists who released music under Naviar, and the rest will be used to release more music, make better events, expand our network and find more creative opportunities. This is a way for the most generous fans to directly sustain the future of this project.

Thank you so much for your support, be it monetary or else: I hope you appreciate what Naviar has done so far.

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Naviar Records
London, UK
Naviar is a community and label that explores the intersection between music and traditional Japanese poetry.

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